TGE BRIQ Fact Sheet Feb 2018

Uganda Centre of Excellence
September 2, 2018
Cut expenses with briquettes
September 2, 2018

TGE BRIQ Fact Sheet Feb 2018

Drive change - Deliver impact - Develop sustainability (A Social Purpose Company)

The Green Elephant with a factory at Bombo Road, Kampala is the new responsible generation of fuel for heat and cooking to replace firewood, logs and charcoal which are causing mass deforestation in Uganda and are unhealthy. Founded by a Dutch/New Zealand team, The Green Elephant produces high quality compressed 100% wood Smart BRIQ from selected forestry cuttings with no additives to give customers a standardised product with consistent calorific (energy) value. In 2018, The Green Elephant will commence production of smaller European standard 6.5 mm pellets which will be supplied with the latest technology of low smoke and CO2 emission Mimi Moto (Netherlands) cooking stoves. In early 2019, The Green Elephant will introduce pellets made from dried and compressed energy grass from its own plantation as the first renewable zero carbon biomass in Uganda.


Smart BRIQ is modern industrial fuel that gives you better control over costs and energy content

  • 70 mm diameter x 30 cm long compressed wood supplied in 25 kg reusable bags or in bulk sacks.
  • Produced in Kampala with flexible and rapid same day delivery in volumes to suit you. Payment on delivery
  • 100% high quality wood selected inspected and chipped at the factory before processing.
  • Standards for moisture content and physical characteristics maintained during production
  • Consistent calorific (energy) output and performance. 18.34 MJ/kg and 4,383 KCal/kg compared to firewood of 10.46 MJ/kg and 2,500 KCal/kg (Makerere University tests available).
  • Lower Cost - higher Energy (Mj/kg) for cost/kg than charcoal or firewood with higher burn efficiency and low ash.
  • No wastage or need for staff to chop wood each day – “WYGWUO” What You Get is What You Ordered
  • Easy to ignite, maintain and control the fire.
  • Clean, easy to store
  • Good Citizen - Your business will support sustainable forestry in Uganda and the health of your employees

    96% of Ugandans cook with open fires burning firewood or charcoal. This causes 23,000 deaths each year from smoke inhalation. Each kg of charcoal releases 6.2 kg of CO2, each stove emits over 5,000 kg CO2/year, the same as a family car. In the next 30 years all trees outside of the national parks of Uganda will have been lost.