Our team

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” - Hellen Keller


Rogier Buker

Mr. Rogier Buker is Dutch and is the Managing Director of The Green Elephant. He has been working in Africa since 1986; in Uganda since 1992. He has good knowledge of local habits and governments as well as extensive knowledge of Export, Logistics, Sales and Management.
Mobile NL: +31 653 159104
Mobile UG: +256 752 672 340

Dirk de Jong

Mr. Dirk de Jong is Dutch/New-Zealander and is the Operations Director of The Green Elephant. He has extensive knowledge of international Supply Chains and has held senior management positions in a number of large multinational corporations.
Mobile NZ: +64 21 506103

Fortunate Akatukunda

Fortunate Akatukunda is Ugandan and General Manager of The Green Elephant. Fortunate has a first-class bachelor’s degree in Businness Administration and Procurement from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. And is passionate about the environment and improving Ugandan living conditions.
Mobile UG +256-759-752339

Jolly Kabirizi

Dr. Jolly Kabirizi is Ugandan and The Green Elephant’s Senior Principal Research Officer / Forage Scientist. Dr. Jolly has over 40 years of experience with the National Research Institute and has contributed in many ways to improving animal nutrition and alleviating poverty. She received the Woman’s day medal 2017. The Green Elephant is grateful for her contributions and welcomed Dr. Jolly with open arms.
Mobile UG: +256-777912716

Dr Nripanka Das

Dr Nripanka Das is a visionary Leader, a Gold Medalist Mechanical Engineer and an Honorary Doctorate from the United States of America with rich cross-functional experiences in biomass R&D, sales & marketing & operation roles. He is having multi-country experiences in India, UK, Germany, Nigeria, Philippines, United States and Colombia and gained deep insights into the opportunities and challenges in business expansion. He is a Multiple Record Holder and winner of many prestigious national and international awards in the field of sustainability and innovation.
Mobile: +91-91278 19402